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Google Zeitgeist

Event Websites

Zeitgiest Tablet

The Client

Google Zeitgeist is described by some media members as “the great Google gathering”. The invite only event is held by Google annually to discuss ways in which technology is changing the world, from Google’s collective brain to Google’s various partners. Some of the most notable attendees have included Bill Clinton and Prince Charles, while also featuring frequent speeches from Larry Page and Eric Schmidt.

Zeitgiest Logo
Larry Page Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt and Larry Page

The Challenge

X Studios was tasked for four years in a row to develop the prestigious Google Zeitgeist Americas event’s website. The project was especially challenging due to its robust functionality, and aggressive deadlines while launching with other synchronized marketing initiatives. Additionally, several email campaigns were developed to cater attendee communication.

Strategy & Approach

Attendee Personalization

Each VIP attendee was treated from personalization before they logged into the site. Personalized email campaigns with the attendee site credentials, custom needs and accommodations where delivered. The website would greet attendees with a dynamic video that included personalized content to each individual attendee. The sites also included pre-populated attendee content populated in their behalf including avatar photos, biographies and more.


Internal Messaging System

The sites featured an internal messaging system that allowed seamless communication amongst attendees and guest speakers. The custom system was designed for intuitive communication while protecting attendee privacy.


Speaker and Attendee Profiles

Speakers and attendee profiles were at the forefront of the web experience. Each profile was easily searchable. The real-time search results were parsed as visual grids, presenting data in an interesting, yet intuitive manner. Profiles were managed by attendees as well as conference staff members via a series of custom developed tools.